R&D Coatings is a leading manufacturer of quality industrial coatings serving commercial industrial coating applications in a multitude of industries. Our industrial coatings are engineered for optimum performance, production efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Quality/Mission Statement:

industrial coatingsWe, the employees of R&D Coatings, Inc., make a commitment to CONTINUOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT in everything we do.  We make a commitment to provide TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.  This means meeting or exceeding our customers’ and employees’ real or perceived needs in the areas of:

  • Product quality, packaging, and paperwork
  • Customer service and response time
  • Technical service
  • On-Time delivery of product
  • A commitment to develop mutual trust, understanding, and communication among  employees
  • To create an atmosphere where new ideas and the involvement of all employees is encouraged
  • A commitment to provide the necessary resources for ongoing employee education and training
  • A commitment to establish a work environment where employee empowerment is given and accepted

We pledge our support of continuous quality improvement. Our quality mission will allow us to become a TOTAL QUALITY company by continuously improving all work processes to satisfy our customers and employees.

Our Focus:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Low VOC Coatings
  • Safety
  • Customer driven approach - partnerships to help customers distinguish themselves in marketplace