R & D Coatings, Inc. is pleased to offer the HydroLux UV line of Water Based UV CARB Compliant Spray Coat Finishes.

Spray Coat Finishes provide the following benefits:

  • < 1 lb. VOC
  • CARB and AIM Compliant
  • Excellent Clarity
  • Excellent Hardness / Scratch Resistance
  • Meets or Exceeds ANSI / KCMA Testing Requirements
  • One Component Ready to Spray

HydroLux UV is for interior applications where high quality spray coat finishes are required. The waterborne chemistry allows for hand or automatic spray and the UV cure enables immediate stacking or assembly.

HydroLux UV is a waterborne UV curable spray coat finish developed to provide excellent clarity, durability, and soft feel. HydroLux UV is also an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional solvent or water based systems.