UV Curable CoatingsR&D Coatings offer highly engineered, custom formulated UV coatings based on customer capabilities and needs. We provide UV Curable Coating options for a variety of substates: 

  1. UV Coatings for Vinyl/Plastics
    1. Resilient flooring
    2. Flexible vinyl films
    3. Polyolefin flooring
    4. Tie coats for adhesion promotion
  2. UV Coatings for Metal
    1. Pigmented spray coatings for automotive applications
    2. Toned top coats for aluminum panels
    3. Vacuum coating for tubing and pipe
    4. Pigmented and clear coatings for aluminum
  3. UV Coatings for Wood
    1. UV stains
    2. UV fillers
    3. UV sealers
    4. Scratch resistant top coats
    5. Self-sealing top coats
    6. Spray coatings for moldings
    7. Vacuum coating for moldings
    8. Sprayable solvent based UV clears
    9. Sprayable solvent based UV white coatings
    10. Sprayable 100% solids UV clears
    11. Sprayable 100% solids UV white primers
    12. Styrene free fillers
    13. Spray coatings for flooring
    14. Abrasion resistant coatings for flooring
    15. Adhesion promoting primers
    16. Toned UV top coats
    17. Antimicrobial coatings
    18. Field applied, water-based UV coatings