Plastics Coatings

R & D Coatings, Inc. has developed UV curable plastic coatings for a variety of Resilient Flooring applications. These finishes provide excellent scratch resistance and are both solvent and stain resistant. Available in a variety of glosses and textures, these plastic coatings provide a maintenance free floor.

UV curable plastic coatings provide scratch resistance, solvent resistance, and gloss control for Vinyl Films. These plastic coatings are applied either in a web application or post applied to laminated films.

Polycarbonate Coatings provide clear and semi-opaque UV coatings for CDs and DVDs with excellent scratch resistance.

We also offer UV coatings for Other Plastic Substrates such as polypropylene, polystyrene, and hybrid plastics.

Our UV and EB curable plastic coatings can be applied with excellent transfer efficiency utilizing the same application methods that are used with conventional coatings. These methods include: Spray, Vacuum Coat, Roll Coat, Curtain Coat, and Dip Coating.