Water-Based Wood Stains (UV Curable)

R&D Coatings, LLC. is pleased to offer a UV curable Water-Based Wood Stain Matching System which is Low VOC and HAPS Free. The color match system utilizes 248 panels in Maple and Oak pre-formulated for quick custom wood stain color matching.

  • Less than 250 g/L VOC
  • CARB and AIM compliant
  • HAPS Free
  • Stains are compatible with UV Finishes, W/B - UV Spray and Conventional W/B Spray Finishes
  • User-friendly and forgiving Intermix System
  • Quick custom color matching
  • Consistent stain color with excellent grain definition
  • Stain based "tints" ensure consistent formulas
  • Mixing shelves and pour spout lids with handles make for easy and clean handling

UV Wood Stains

Custom formulated, 100% Solids, UV Wood Stains are available to meet your needs. These wood stains can be produced at our facility or the matching can be done at your location. Our 100% solids UV curable wood stains do not evaporate over time. This leads to a consistent color application and strength throughout your production run. 

  • Less than 50 g/L VOC
  • CARB and AIM compliant
  • HAPS free