Metal Coatings

Our UV and EB Curable Metal Coatings can be applied with excellent transfer efficiency utilizing the same application methods that are used with conventional metal coatings. These methods include Spray, Vacuum Coat, Roll Coat, Curtain Coat, and Dip Coating.

R&D Coatings, LLC.'s Clear Finishes can be applied to various metal substrates and vacuum metalized parts by roll, spray, or vacuum coating. We have specific formulations for steel, aluminum, galvanized brass, and many other metal substrates. These metal coatings can add gloss, slip, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance to the substrate.

R&D Coatings has a wide range of Colored Finishes available for aluminum substrates. These finishes have the same properties that are available in our clear metal coating formulations.

Our EB Vacuum Coatings system cures lineal parts, such as tubular products, at speeds up to 400 fpm with 100% transfer efficiency and zero VOCs.