Electron Beam CoatingsR&D Coatings offers highly engineered, custom formulated Electron Beam Coatings (EB Curable Coatings) based on customer capabilities and needs. Our durable Electron Beam Coatings provide superior performance with high abrasion, scratch and chemical resistance.

Electron Beam Coatings Applications include:

  1. Solid colors for particle board, medium density fiberboard, aluminum, and FRP
  2. Low COF coatings for treadmill decking
  3. Flooring coatings that can be ESD and anti-skid
  4. Clear coatings for foil and paper
  5. Exterior coatings for signage
  6. Solid color and clear vacuum coatings for aluminum tubing
  7. Special effects coatings for store fixture applications
  8. Marker board coatings
  9. Antimicrobial coatings