commercial coatingsR&D Coatings, LLC. operates out of a 35,000 sq. ft. facility that houses the commercial coatings development lab, application lab, quality control, and production department.


Commercial Coatings Innovation and Development:

At a time when coatings manufacturers are moving away from new product development, we emphasize it as a way of setting our customers apart from their competition. Our experienced development team will utilize our wet and application labs to develop commercial coatings tailored specifically to your needs. Our laboratory staff takes a “hands-on” approach with technical service and problem resolution.

Technical Service: 

R&D Coatings maintains a frequent presence at all customer facilities. We provide technical service for current and new products. The R&D Coatings technical representative will facilitate communications to determine future commercial coating requirements while providing value-added service that will help to distinguish our customers in the marketplace. Our technical representatives will also train all customer personnel in the safe handling and usage of our material.

commercial seal coatingProduction:

All commercial coating production technicians have laboratory training. Their focus is on quality and consistency in the batch making process. R&D Coatings has a proven track record of on-time shipments. WE HAVE NEVER RUN A CUSTOMER OUT OF COMMERCIAL COATING.

Quality Control:

All R&D Coatings personnel are trained in quality control. Our tight quality control specifications have been developed over time to enhance coating consistency and ease of use for our customers. All necessary physical properties are tested thoroughly prior to product shipment.

We pledge our support for continuous quality improvement. Our quality mission will allow us to become a TOTAL QUALITY company by continuously improving all work processes to satisfy our customers and employees. Once you trust R&D Coatings for your commercial coatings needs, you will be a valued customer and friend for life.