Industrial Wood Coatings

R&D Coatings, LLC's UV and EB curable, industrial wood coatings can be applied with excellent transfer efficiency utilizing the same application methods that you would use with conventional wood coatings. This includes Spray, Vacuum Coat, Roll Coat, Curtain Coat, and Dip Coating.

We provide a range of high to low gloss UV and EB Clear Top Coats for veneered substrates, hardwoods, plywoods, and overprint applications. These UV and EB Industrial Wood Coatings can provide hardness, slip, mar, texture, and/or chemical resistance.

A range of UV and EB curable Opaque Finishes for engineered wood are available to fit your needs.

Wood Fillers, used on MDF, particle board, and hardwood veneered substrates are available.

Affordable UV and EB Wood Sealers can be applied by spray, roller, or vacuum coater. These sealers are used on solid woods, veneered MDF, veneered particle boards, and plywoods.

We now offer UV Industrial Wood Stains which are environmentally friendly, emitting no VOCs and are 100% solids. Our stains maintain a consistent color during production runs. Using our UV Stain eliminates the long drying time required with a conventional stain system.

R&D Coatings, LLC. offers a total system for finishing Hardwood Plywood. This system consists of UV stains, sanding sealers, and top coats in a variety of glosses.

If you are unable to stain the wood but would like to change the shade or color of the product, this can be accomplished by using our UV curable Toned Top Coats.